About the Alliance

High Peak Borough Council and Staffordshire Moorlands District Council are two independent strategic local government bodies, situated in a beautiful and popular part of the north Midlands.

With a shared geography stretching from the Peak District in the North to the Trent Valley in the South, and covering much of the area between the M6 and the M1, we are perfectly located to make the most of our thriving market towns, hugely popular tourism sector, and excellent connectivity to major transport networks.

Our two councils have been working together for the past decade and more, and the result is a highly streamlined and effective shared professional delivery team. We have achieved significant financial savings without any loss of frontline responsiveness, and with no compulsory redundancies. Our research suggests that this is highly unusual, and possibly unique in the sector.

From the outset, we’ve taken a whole-system approach, listening to residents and combining workstreams and teams to ensure that we were using increasingly scarce resources as efficiently as possible. As a result, there’s been a natural and positive process of alignment across many areas. There’s been significant and consistent progress across the four key strands of our corporate business strategy. Moreover, we have identified tangible savings of over £12m over the period, with no loss of resident satisfaction.

In fact, retaining the core principle of our independence has actually enabled us to make the right choices for both organisations. And where there are strategic or structural differences – for example in housing, where one authority has transferred stock, while the other retained – we’ve been able to ensure that local needs are understood and met in full.

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