Candidate profile

We want to hear from people with two key attributes: impressive, broad experience, and a positive, outcome-focused approach.

You’ll be coming into a very positive scenario – a capable, agile group of colleagues, supportive members, excellent partner relationships and reputation, and two adopted Local Plans to deliver. Your career to date need not have included district or rural experience, and we would be interested to see applications from candidates who bring a different set of perspectives to the table. We have a strong planning team, so you may not be a planner by profession, though it goes without saying that a sophisticated understanding of the planning process is essential.

Candidates needs to be versatile, engaging and able to take people with them. Difficulty should make a problem more interesting, not less. Resilience and the ability to reframe issues for a range of audiences will be important, as will an ability to fully inhabit this senior role from day one. Able to negotiate internally and externally, candidates must be problem solvers who can think several moves ahead. If your preference is to be office-based, this probably isn’t the role for you: we want a candidate who welcomes the chance to get out and about, working the patch, informing themselves about the nuance of issues, and making the case in person. Strong candidates will be able to demonstrate that they care about their effect on the place they’re serving, are excited about the responsibility they’re taking on, and respect the opinions of residents.

People sometimes assume that small places foster small ambitions. However, this genuinely isn’t the case here; the landscape, community and towns are unique and full of energy, and the hard work that’s been done in forging the Alliance over the past decade has secured a viable future for the two authorities. We also believe that living and working in the glorious Peak District is a fantastic opportunity, and there’s attractive variety in the work as well: from villages to established towns, heritage assets to major manufacturers like JCB.

In summary, we think this is an excellent opportunity: the new Executive Director will join a well-set up organisation, with a proven record of delivery, and place-based plans ready to go. Colleagues are very capable, outcome-focused, and positive. The leadership team is experienced, effective, ambitious and collaborative, and there will be frequent opportunities to stand in for the CX. Members are supportive, and there is a shared endorsement of the overall strategy and specific plans.

If you have the contacts, skills and energy, it’s a career development gift.

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