A precious place

One of our key objectives is to create a safer and healthier environment in which our residents can live and work. Underpinning this strand is the provision of good quality housing (including affordable and social housing) and improved resident health.

Critical success factors include an effective relationship with strategic partners; fit-for-purpose housing stock that meets the need of tenants and homebuyers; effective community safety arrangements; and the provision of high-quality leisure facilities.

Both Staffordshire Moorlands and High Peak feature regularly in ‘best places to live’ surveys, so we have responded to the increased demand to settle and make a life here. Housing is a particular highlight: we’ve enabled the construction of more affordable homes in High Peak than the whole of the rest of Derbyshire, and to the highest of design standards. One year (2015/16) saw the most starts on site in the whole of the county, including Derby. And the Ascent housing programme in Staffordshire Moorlands – which was only made possible by the increased scale and capacity offered by the Alliance – has really delivered. We built our first house in 2015, and for two years we were the biggest housebuilder in the district, with 85% of the resulting homes.

However, if we’re to maintain overall quality of life, infrastructure investment is crucial. We recently secured £2m from Homes England to deliver a roundabout on the A6 and provide highway infrastructure to unlock 675 houses to the north of Buxton town centre. Nearly £500,000 came from the same funder to clean up a site at Granby Road, with another grant to the same amount likely for another site in Buxton. Funding was also made available under the Moorlands Partnership Board towards heritage schemes in the Moorlands – one community example is £7,500 towards the rebuilding of the former waiting room at Leekbrook Station.